Ms. Music's 4th Grade Class,
and that would have been 1938-39.
From left to right:

Front row: (Gandy Odle?), Jack Banyky, Bertice Meacham, _________, ________,
Priscilla Nicholson, Freda (Darnell?), Edna Finney, __________.

Second Row: Marion (Harris?),   __________, _________,___________, 
__________, _______Sanders.

Third Row: Dean Melvin, Joan Channon, Noma Faye Showmaker, Helen Joplin, Joan 
Willmore, _________, Rose Iaun.

Back Row: Charles Edward Lane, Jack Howell, Karl Collins, ________, Floyd 
Martin,  _________, __________, Cecil Sullivan.

Of course, the lady on the right was Ms. Music, but then you had already 
figured that out.

Karl Collins