Calvin (Rev.) Allen, born 16 Apr 1835 in , Franklin Co., IL; died 20 Mar 1906 in Ewing Twp, Franklin Co., IL. He married Margaret Sarilda Scrivner 20 May 1853 in, Franklin Co., IL; born 1839 in , Franklin Co., IL; died 1911.

Notes for Calvin (Rev.) Allen: Marriage performed by Solomon M Webb, MG and recorded p. 69, Book 2 . Franklin Co, IL records of marriages performed from 1849 to 1865.

Eld. Calvin Allen One of the Greatest Preachers of Southern Ill. Passes Away

Calvin Allen was born April 16, 1835 in Franklin county, Illinois, and on March 20, 1906 ___ at the age of 70 years, 11 months and five days he passed to his reward.

On May 20, 1853, he was married to Margaret Sarilda Scrivner, and to this union were born eleven children, seven of whom, together with the mother, sixteen grandchildren and one great grandchild are left to mourn his loss.

He was converted in his seventeenth year at the Sugar Creek Camp Baptist church in Jefferson county under the preaching of Elds. S M Webb and Joshua Brooks, immediately after, he was baptized into the fellowship of said church by Eld. S M Webb. On the eleventh of January 1863 in Long Prairie church he was ordained to the work of the gospel ministry. The ordination counsel was made up of Elds. E W Overstreet, Wm Palmer, and John Linwell.

Thus for over forty years has this man traveled throughout Illinois preaching with great power, the glad tidings of salvation through the blood of Jesus Christ. During the time he served two terms in the State Legislature where he did not forget that he was an ambassador of the King of Kings. He was a natural born orator and nearly the whole of southern Illinois has felt the power of his preaching. Thirty churches have come under his pastoral care and among the number are some of the leading churches of Southern Illinois. They are as follows: Little Prairie, Long Prairie, Mt Vernon, Alto Pass, Salem, Middle Creek, Blooming Grove, Ten Mile, Spring Garden, Whittingtons ?, Prairie, Eldorado, Raleigh, Creal Springs, Belle Rive, Ewing, Liberty, ? Grove, Sugar Camp, Walpole, ? Grove, and Los Animas. (Paper torn) …….short time before he passed ….he said he had kept no record of his work, but that he….baptized over 1500 people. ….a great man in Israel has…. Th funeral services were held ….Baptist church at Ewing,……In accordance with….expressed wish of Eld. Allen….he passed away, Rev. W Throgmorton, pastor of the ……..Baptist church, was pres…… and preached the funeral……. Using the text II Timothy….Others taking part in the ….. were Elds. Edmonds of…… (Eldorado ?), Marion Teague of Du…… (DuQuoin?), Jos E Sharp, T J Tennyson, (several other names that are illegible) All spoke …..est praise of him who had ……ssed to his reward. After …..vices were ended the ……were laid to rest in the …… cemetery there to await ……..rics of the resurrection.

From Sheila Cadwalader