Immigrant 1630 in ship "Mary and John"

John Benham, of New Haven, New Haven Co., Ct. died 1661.  He married 1st   (name unknown), and md 2nd, 16 Nov 1660 at Boston, Ma. to Margery, widow of Thomas Alcott.  Margery married 3rd Richard Pritchard.  John lived first at Dorchester, Massachusetts and removed to New Haven in 1640.  He requested freemanship 19 Oct 1630 (in "Dorchester sequence") and admitted 18 May 1631; Granted 16 acre Great Lot at Dorchester, 16 January 1632/3; From Devonshire, England. 
Children: By 1st wife   
JOHN   b. 1634, d. 1691, 
md 1st Sarah (Hurst) Wilson, 
md 2nd MERCY SMITH  
md 3rd 
By 2nd wife Margery (  ) Alcott  
Joseph  d. 1703, swore fidelity 1654, md Boston, Ma. 15 Jan 1657 
	Winifred King, she was accused of witchcraft.   

Susan Dorris
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