Prominent among the more solid and conservative citizenship of Burkesville, Monroe county, Illinois, is Henry Burkhardt, who has made that town his home and the center of his business interests for a number of years. There he is rearing a goodly family of promising offspring, is giving them every advantage consistent with his means, and is laboring diligently and enthusiastically in his endeavor to give the best service to his home, his town, his county and the commonwealth.

Henry Burkhardt was born August 20, 1870, at Renault, Illinois. He is the son of Conrad and Wilhelmina (Pehl) Burkhardt, who came to America from Germany in 1842, locating in Monroe county at Renault Grant, where they passed the remainder of their lives. His early education was obtained through the medium of the public schools of Renault, and on leaving school he remained at home on his father's farm until he had reached the age of twenty-two, when he went into the farming business on his own responsibility.

On August 27, 1892, Henry Burkhardt married Miss Julianna Schmidt, the daughter of Nicolaus and Julianna (Junk) Schmidt, both of German origin. Mr. and Mrs. Burkhardt are the parents of five children, all living in the family home. They are Henry W. C.; George T. F.; Margaret J. W.; Alma H. C.; and Otto H. W. The Burkhardt family are of the German Lutheran faith, and Mrs. Burkhardt is particularly prominent and active in church circles. Mr. Burkhardt is inclined to be of domestic tastes and tendencies and enjoys home life in the extreme, although he is a man of much public spirit, and is deeply interested in the affairs of the community. He served


his town as district commissioner in 1808-9-10, and previous to that served as school commissioner.

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