A man of unquestioned integrity and ability, poesessing sound judgment and excellent business tact, the late C. P. Burnett, of Eldorado, founder of the widely known mercantile firm of C. P. Burnett & Sons, spent the best years of his life in Saline


county, and was actively identified with the establishment of many of its enterprises of importance and worth. He was born in 1851, in Saline county, Illinois.

Coming from Raleigh to Eldorado in 1871, Mr. Burnett embarked in business with his brother-in-law, under the firm name of Burnett & Musgrave, and having put in a stock of general merchandise valued at ten thousand dollars conducted a general store for ten years. Selling out his interests in the firm to Mr. Musgrave in 1881, Mr. Burnett opened a general store on the opposite side of the street, and conducted it so successfully that in 1885 he admitted one of his sons to partnership, the firm name becoming C. P. Burnett & Son. Four years later another son was taken into the firm, which was then changed to C. P. Burnett & Sons. On October 19, 1892, Mr. Burnett was called to the life beyond, passing away at a comparatively early age, his death being mourned as a public loss.

The business which Mr. Burnett established and which has since been continued under the name of C. P. Burnett & Sons, was incorporated in March, 1903, with a capital of forty thousand dollars, which has since been increased to fifty thousand dollars, and is now ably conducted by the four sons constituting the firm. This enterprising firm has a well stocked store, containing three departments, in which everything pertaining to dry goods may be found, and is carrying on a very large and lucrative mercantile business, its sales amounting to two hundred thousand dollars each year. In addition to its dry goods store, this firm has established a lumber yard, and in the sale of lumber, brick and building material does an annual business amounting to seventy thousand dollars. The firm likewise established a private bank at Eldorado, C. H. Burnett being made president and L. E. Burnett, vice-president. The bank has a paid up capital of forty thousand dollars, with deposits amounting to three hundred thousand dollars, while its loans equal its deposits. The firm also owns considerable valuable land in Saline county, including the old Burnett homestead, and several of Eldorado's business buildings.

Mr. C. P. Burnett married Clementine Musgrave, who survived him about nine years. Nine children were born of their union, one of whom, E. W. Burnett, the first son to be admitted to the firm, survived his father but nine months, dying at the age of twenty-nine years. Four sons and four daughters are now living, the sons being C. H. Burnett, L. E. Burnett, R. E. Burnett and C. P. Burnett. Fraternally Mr. Burnett was a member of the Ancient Free and Accepted Order of Masons, while living in Raleigh having served as master of his lodge, and in Eldorado having been a charter member of the local lodge.

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