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Alexander C. Clark, liveryman and mail contractor, was born October 22, 1853, in Wilson County, Tenn., the youngest of six children of John A. and Peggy (Beard) Clark, the former of Scotch stock, born in 1815, and the latter of Irish origin, born in 1817, both in Wilson County, Tenn. They were married in their native county, where the mother died in 1865 and the father still lives. He was educated at New Middleton Academy, Smith County, Tenn., and when twenty years old came with his

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brother, George W., to Jefferson County, IlL, and worked with him on his farm about a year. He then worked for R. Richeson, in Franklin County, about six months, and returned to Jefferson County, and farmed for three years. In October, 1875, he married and settled on a farm, the gift to his wife by her father. After three years he returned to Jefferson County, and bought a farm. In March, he moved to Ewing and established his livery stables. His wife Joanna, daughter of C. S. and Eliza L. (Die) Hughes, was born December 13, 1855, in Athens County, Ohio. Their only child is Effie L. He is one of Ewing's prosperous citizens, and besides his valuable farm in Jefferson County, he owns a good house and town lot. For four years from July 1, 1887, he has the whole mail contract, and is now contractor. He is a Democrat and first voted for Cleveland. He is an Odd Fellow and he and wife are members of the Missionary Baptist Church.