Col. James J. Dollins

-- 242 --

(Extract from the "Benton Standard.")

Col. James J. Dollins was a native of Franklin County in the state of Illinois, where he was born on the 9th of May, 1832. In the 21st year of his age he was married to Miss Susan Ann Hartley, by whom he became the father of live children, four of whom with their mother lived to mourn his irreparable loss.

When Col. Dollins received the order for the charge on the enemy's works, his countenance fell, his spirit and tone of voice changed, as if conscious that it would be his last effort in behalf of his beloved country. During the night he was restless. He lay down but got up and went out and reviewed the enemy's works, and the ground that he was to pass over in making the assault.

He spent most of the night alone and who can tell the anxious communing of his mind and heart with God on that last night?

After his death, Gen. Logan put the body in charge of Lt. Lamer, by whose kindness it was safely brought to his bereaved family, and buried with Masonic honors in due form. But the memory of his virtues still lives in the hearts of his many friends; and we hope that he was prepared for a change of worlds, and that their loss was his eternal gain. (J. J. F.)