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JOHN L. FLANNIGEN. Engaged in the successful practice of his profession in East St. Louis, the thriving metropolis of St. Clair county, Mr. Flannigen is recognized as one of the representative members of the bar of his native city and also as a citizen of marked progressiveness and public spirit. He is serving his third successive term as a member of the state legislature, and this fact offers effective voucher for the high esteem in which he is held in the county of his birth. Hon. John L. Flannigen was born in East St. Louis, Illinois, on the 13th of September, 1878, and is a son of James and Naomi (Lane) Flannigen, who are now dead. James Flannigen was a man of fine intellectual attainments and was for a number of years actively identified with

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the work of the pedagogic profession. lIe later turned his attention to the publishing business and about 1887 he removed to Colorado, where he became a citizen of prominence and influence. He whose name initiates this review was about one year old at the time of the family removal from Illinois to Colorado, and he passed his boyhood and youth in the city of Ft. Morgan, where he duly availed himself of the advantages of the public schools and where he also attended the University of Denver.

In September, 1903, Mr. Flannigen returned to East St. Louis and in his native city he has since been actively engaged in the general practice of his profession, in which he has gained secure prestige as a versatile and resourceful trial lawyer and as a counselor admirably fortified in the science of jurisprudence. He formed a professional partnership with John E. Hamlin, under the title of Flannigen & Hamlin. This alliance has since continued and in 1910 the partnership was amplified by the admission to the firm of Hon. William E. Trautmann and Samuel W. Baxter, since which time the large and representative business has been conducted under the firm name of Trautmann, Flannigen, Baxter & Hamlin.

In politics Mr. Flannigen accords unequivocal allegiance to the Republican party and he has been an influential factor in the furtherance of its cause in his home county and state. In 1906 he was elected to represent his native county in the lower house of the state legislature, and by successive re-elections he is now serving his third term as a member of this body. He has shown distinctive ability and loyalty as a legislator and is one of the valued and influential members of the general assembly of the state. He prepared and introduced the house bill known as the East Side levee and sanitary district bill, which came to enactment in the general assembly of 1908 and which important measure provides for the expenditure of seven millions of dollars for well ordered public improvements in the district covered. Mr. Flannigen is a popular member of the East St. Louis Bar Association. He is a bachelor and is a popular factor in the social, professional and business circles of his home city.

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