Martha Ford

Immigrant 1621 in the "Fortune" to Plymouth, Ma.

Martha ( ) Ford, "widowed mother". Martha came in the Fortune in 1621. She had 4 lots in 1623. Her sons William and John had shares in cattle in 1627. Martha and her family came on the "Fortune" in 1621 from England, and landing at Plymouth, Ma. 11 November 1621. She had a baby the next night after landing, but supposedly died soon. If her son William was the oldest, but was only 16 or 17 years old at the time, he was probably too young to have a wife. I think Martha's husband must surely have died on the voyage as it was not likely that a widow woman would not embark on such a venture alone, unless she was with close family. The fact that she was pregnant at the time of the voyage also leads me to think her husband died on the way. Martha may have later married Peter Browne.
WILLIAM "elder brother", m. Anna Eames
John of Plymouth "one of the first comers"
Martha m. William Nelson

Susan Dorris
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