Even in an age which recognizes young men and places responsibilities upon them which in the past have been laid only upon the shoulders of those of more mature years, we seldom find a youth of twenty-two years entrusted with as important a position as state's attorney for a county within the limits of which there reside practically as many people as are to be found in any community of its size in the state. Such, however, was the confidence placed in Roy Edward Gauen, of Waterloo, Illinois, who is now serving his second term in that office, and who is constantly proving that the trust was not misplaced. He is a native of Waterloo, and was born August 19, 1882, a son of Joseph Henry and Mary Ann (Burke) Gauen, both born in Monroe county, the former March 19, 1856, and the latter June 27, 1855. Mr. Gauen's father is now engaged in conducting a general merchandise and lumber business; his brother, Pierre E. Gauen, is an automobile salesman of this city.

Roy Edward Gauen received his preliminary education in the public and high schools of Waterloo, and for four years studied law in the office of ex-Senator A. C. Bollinger, being admitted to the bar December 13, 1904. In November of that year he had been elected to the office of state's attorney, and eight days before he had received his admission to practice he began to discharge the duties of his office. Conscientious labor as a public official has brought its reward, and he has continued to hold the high office to the present time. Although the youngest attorney to be elected to the position in the history of the state, Mr. Gauen at once became an active, vigorous and successful prosecutor. A vigorous and virile man, an astute and discerning attorney and a gifted orator, Mr. Gauen embodies in his personality those qualities that command the respect, the approval and the regard of his fellow citizens. In political matters he is a Democrat. He is very public-spirited, and on a recent occasion donated his services for two weeks in assisting to secure lands for the new electric railway being built into Waterloo. He is the owner of a beautiful home in the city, where he has a valuable and comprehensive law library. He was a charter member and first grand knight of the Knights of Columbus here, and belongs to the Catholic church and. is active in its work. He is also an active member of the Commercial Club, and in many ways has endeavored to further the best interests of his native city.

On June 5, 1907, Mr. Gauen was united in marriage with Miss Ella Horine, of Chicago, daughter of William Harrison and Emma


(Kuenster) Horine, the former of whom is engaged in the brokerage business in Chicago. One child has been born to Mr. and Mrs. Gauen: Genevieve, born July 14, 1908.

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