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Francis 0. Harrison, M. D. and druggist, was born in Franklin County, in 1846, the first of two children of Christopher and Mary (Swain) Harrison, The father, born in 1824 in Franklin County, the son of Lemuel Harrison, a native of North Carolina and a pioneer of influence in Franklin County, was married when about twenty-one and located on a farm near Christopher. He died of cholera in 1849 while en route for California and was buried at Independence, Mo. The town here received its name from him, the name being suggested by our subject. The father was with Henry N. Harrison, who, after the father's death continued on to California, was gone about two years, returned, and about 1852 married subject's mother; they lived together until he died, in 1873. Their family consisted of two boys and seven girls, only four of the children now living-one boy and three girls-all living in this county except one of the girls, Hester, who married and moved to the State of Kansas. F. 0. Harrison is a member of the Illinois State Eclectic Medical Association, and has a Tontine policy of $2,000 of the New York Life Insurance Company. The mother, born in Tennessee, died in 1876, about fifty-two years old and a member of the Christian Church. She was twice married, the second time about 1852 to Henry N. Harmion, a cousin of her first husband, Christopher Harrison. The Doctor, educated in the common schools, began life as a farmer and so continued for several years. In 1868 he married Mariah, daughter of William and Lucy Burkitt, of Franklin County. She died in August, 1881, and in 1882 he married Emily, a sister of his first wife. Their children are Lottie B. and Noba F. About 1873 he began studying medicine under Drs. James Ray and W. J. Walker, of Mulkeytown, and in 1878 graduated from the Eclectic Medical Institute at Cincinnati. Since 1875 he has

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succeeded in establishing a large practice near the place of his birth, and stands high in his profession. In 1885 he established his drug business also. He owns also 100 acres of highly cultivated and improved land, all the fruit of his own ability. He has long been a member of the school board. He is a Republican, first voting for Hayes. His wife is a member of the Christian Church, of which he is a strong supporter.