Immigrant 1635 on the ship "Susan and Ellen"

Matthias Hitchcock, son of George Hitchcock, born 5 July 1609 in England, died 16 November 1669 in New Haven, New Haven Co., Ct. His will dated November 1669. He came from London, England on the ship "Susan and Ellen" to Boston in the spring of 1635 when he was 25 years old. In July of 1636 he received twenty three acres of land in the "Great Dividends" in Watertown, Mass., which he later sold and removed to New Haven where he was among the original signers of the foundamental agreement made on the 4th of the fowerth moneth called June 1639. He was also one of the five purchasers of "South End Neck" now called East Haven, Ct., where the five dwelt after 1651. His name is given in the schedule of Planters prepared before April 1641, but found in the records of 1643. Three persons are numbered in his family. He is reckoned as having an estate of L50 and is given ten acres in the 'First Division', two acres in the neck, four acres in the meadow, sixteen acres in the 'Second Division' and his yearly rates for land are put at eight shillings. On Jan. 4, 1647, Matthias Hitchcock for a willful neglect to walk ye round when ye officers called him was fined 5 shillings. On Nov. 7, 1648 he was too late with eight others in coming to trayning yesterday in the afternoon, but they said they was there before the bodye moved which as the Captain said was longer before it moved than it used to be, yet because it hath bine the usiall course to count no man late till the bodye hath been removed, ye court passed it by this time. On Feb 6, 1655 Matthias Hitchcock passeth over to John Wakefield his house and home lot on the other side of the 'West Creek'. December 1651 William Andrews agreed and ordered that Richard Berkley and Matthias Hitchcock, Edward Patterson, and Edward Hitchcock shall have the neck of land by the seaside beyond the cove, and all the meadow belonging to it and c. - paying to the town one penny the acre for 500 acres to settle on it, not to dispose of it without the towns consent, if removed from the plantation within a year to leave the land to the town. Matthias on Jan 4, 1643 was fined 1s. for coming late to training; on March 7, 1643 fined 3s. 4d for disorder in his watch; on Nov 6, 1649 he was fined for refusing to watch. He married Elizabeth Rogers, born 1621, died 1676.
Will of Matthias Hitchcock:
I, Matthias Hitchcock being under thye afflicting hand of God and willing to set things in order, and to put my house in order. I doe give the halfe of my two farms to my deare wife during her lifetime 7 the other parts yt is to say, the two halves of the farms for John and Nathaniel to improve for their mother to ye halfe. I doe give to my son Eliaser two swine and a waggon, also I doe give unto my son Eliaser one acre of ground adjoining to Goodman Pattisons lott. I also give unto Eliaser one Hoarse. I doe also give unto Eliaser my son my first farme after my widows decease the two lots -- I except, they are to go along with the other farme. At the entering those two farmes, and when ye sd sons do take possession the two farms are to pay twenty pounds ye year ten pounds a farme to be paid to Elizabeth. Nathaniel hath of his own proper estate already in possession one mare one cow one heifer one calf. John hath of his own estate proper already in possession, one hoarse one hog one sow and one sheepe. Elizabeth hath already in possession of her proper owne, one houarse hobby. All debts are to be payed out of ye stocke remaining and and all ye stocks remaining after ye debts are paid are to be divided between my two younger sons and daughter. Within house all my movable goods and household stuff I give to my deare wife and daughter Elizabeth. All cartes and ploughs and tackling are for ye improvement of ye farm.
Witnessed, the markes of James Denison, James Wright.
Memoranda: That ye two witnesses did express before they took oath yt the testators mind in these expressions about ye improvement of the two farms during his wife's lifetime were that his two sons John and Nathaniel should improve the whole two farms for their mother to ye halfe.
Eliakim d. 1704, m. 4 Nov 1667 Sarah Merrick
Nathaniel m. 18 Jan 1670 Elizabeth Moss, dau of John Moss
JOHN m. Abigail Merriman
Elizabeth b. 4 June 1651, m. 1 Jan 1672 Anthony Howd, m. 2nd 22 Aug 1677 John Nash

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