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W. A. King, farmer, and one of the founders of Ewing College, was born April 19, 1826, in Franklin County, the oldest of

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eight children (five deceased) of Elijah and Polly (Browning) King, the former of English stock, born in 1803, and the latter in 1806. They were married in Franklin County in 1825, and in 1830 came to Jefferson County, where the father died in 1840. The mother then returned to Franklin County, and settled on a farm in Browning Township, where she died in 1847. Our subject lived at home supporting the family after his father's and until his mother's death, after which he still cared for the children until they were married. In 1851 he married and settled on a tract of land in Browning Township. In December, 1852, he sold and moved to Ewing Township, where he still resides. His wife, Charlotte C., daughter of Lemuel Harrison, was born in March, 1827, in Franklin County, and died in April, 1876, the mother of seven children. He next married Mrs. Sarah J., widow of Robert Teague, and daughter of Jordan and Lucinda (Casey) Harris, born in October, 1824, in Bedford County, Teun., a resident of Perry County, Ill., after 1829. The children by his first marriage are Lavina (deceased), Amanda (deceased wife of Dr. Webb), Aaron Laura (wife of E. Casey). Willis B., Isham and Evaline. Notwithstanding his poverty and early struggles, by faithful and well directed effort, our subject now owns 400 acres, most of which is improved and cultivated, he is also public spirited, being one of the committee and liberal donors of what is now the Ewing Baptist Church. Since the earliest charter of the Ewing educational institutes he has been a trustee, and has for eight years been president of the County Agricultural Society. He has been a deacon of the Missionary Baptist Church since Qctober, 1874 and of Ewing Church since 1874. His wife, Aaron, Willis and Evaline are members of the same church. In June, 1886, he resigned his trusteeship in the college, but the stockholders persisted in retaining him.