Prominent among the younger men of Trenton, Illinois, is Adolph M. Leonhard, the cashier of the Farmers Bank. Inheriting from his father the spirit of progressiveness and of broad minded citizenship, he has united his efforts with those of his father in practically every direction, for the betterment of local conditions. His business ability and reputation for reliability won for him the responsible position which he now holds, although he had had no previous experience along such lines. His deep interest in civic affairs, as well as the confidence which his fellow citizens place in him, is shown by the positions which he has held in the city council and on the board of education.

At Trenton, Illinois, on the 27th of November, 1872, Adolph Mathias Leonhard was born. He is the son of Frank Leonhard, who was born on the 4th of January, 1843, at Highland, Illinois. The early life of the latter was spent partly on the farm and partly in town, and consequently his education was rather spasmodic. He realized this defect as he grew older and determined to remedy it himself. To that end he read and studied earnestly and is now a well informed and cultlvated man. While he was a boy his father, Mathias Leonhard, moved to Trenton and bought a farm not far from the town. The lad grew up here, but when he reached manhood and thought of starting out for himself he turned to the mercantile business. He was so successful in this field that he has kept to it ever since and is now one of the most prominent merchants of Trenton. Active not only in the business world but in the public affairs of his city, he has willingly accepted various public offices. He has served both as councilman and as member of the school board and is an active member of the Business Men's League. In politics he is a Republican, and fraternally he affiliates with the Masonic order. On the 25th of June, 1868, he married Elizabeth Emig, of Trenton, Illinois. Nine children were born to them, seven of whom are living; Adolph M.; Louis N.; Edwin; Kathryn, who is the wife of Senator Griggs of Texas; Elmer Arnold and Ina.

The early days of Adolph Leonhard were spent like those of his father on a farm, but also like his father he had no inclination for this sort of life and when he was not in school he was to be found behind the counter of his father's store. He received his education in the public schools and then went to the State University at Champlaign, where he remained one year. He then returned to Trenton and took a position in his father's store, which he held until he was twenty-six. This training in business methods which he received under the critical eye of his


father was invaluable to him when he went into business for himself as the partner of A. C. Brefeld. The firm was Leonhard and Brefeld, hardware merchants, and for five years knew nothing but prosperity. In June, 1905, the Farmer's Bank of Trenton was organized and Mr. Leonhard was offered the position of cashier of the new enterprise. This is the position which he has held ever since, being in addition a heavy stockholder.

On the 7th of June, 1900, his marriage to Emma Locey, of Carlyle, Illinois, took place. They are the parents of one daughter, Dorotha Locey Leonhard. In politics Mr. Leonhard is a Republican, while in religious matters he is a member of the Presbyterian church. He is enthusiastic over the beneficial effects of the fraternal orders and is a member of the Masons and of the Knights of Pythias.

He is a member of the Illinois State Banker's Association, taking an interested part in their meetings; For eight years the citizens of Trenton displayed their trust in him by electing him to the office of city treasurer, while at present he represents them as alderman from the first ward, through the medium of the Business Men's League he is one of the most active workers for the growth of the city of Trenton, his official position in the League being that of secretary-treasurer. He is also secretary of the board of education and is treasurer of the local Federation of Musicians, being an able musician himself, playing both the piano and the cornet.

Mr. Leonhard is one of Trenton's most enterprising and ambitious business men. He feels that he must not only succeed himself but that he must bring as much good and prosperity to the town as he is able. He is a clean cut, energetic man, just the type whom men instinctively like and trust and when he has some reform at heart, he is sure of a large number who will support him to the last ditch. Since he is clear sighted enough to distinguish between the real and the sham, or between what may be of only an evanescent value and what is lasting, his influence for good is very great.

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