is the assistant superintendent of the Coal Belt Electric Railway, having risen to this position in a marvelously short time from that of a laborer in the track gang. Such a rise must come from a large amount of natural ability united with the capacity for work and the tact to handle many kinds of men. His reputation with his company rests on a solid foundation, for they have tried him in nearly every sort of situation.

The father of Elijah Lewis also grew up in Williamson county. He


is John P. Lewis, who is at present engaged in the real estate and insurance business in Marion. He was born in Illinois, and is a son of James Lewis. John P. Lewis was one of two children. He married a daughter of Talbert Kennedy, Addie, who was born in Illinois. Her father was from the state of Tennessee.

Mr. and Mrs. Lewis have only two sons, Elijah and Spiller, the latter holding the responsible position of chief engineer of the power plant of the Coal Belt Electric Company.

Elijah Lewis has been deeply interested in the development of this section of the country, for he has passed all of his life in and around Marion. He was born in the Creal Springs community of Williamson county on the 27th of February, 1878. His early youth was passed on the farm, but the life never held any great attractions for him. Knowing that a good education was the first step in the direction of success, he first attended the Crab Orchard Academy, and later spent some time at the Southern Illinois Normal at Carbondale. He was a junior at the latter institution when he decided that he would put some of his learning into active use, and went into the school room as a teacher. Here he learned the tact which enabled him to later become a leader of men, for the management of children calls for as much skill as does the management of grown-ups. He spent five years in the work of the country schools. At about this time the Coal Belt Electric line was being promoted, and Mr. Lewis saw the chance for which he had been looking. He sought employment with the firm which had the contract for the construction of the new road and received a job as a laborer. His light could not be hid under a bushel and in a short time he was made a lineman, then rose to repair man at the shops, then was promoted to road foreman, and finally the company, who had kept a close watch on him, made him assistant superintendent. He reached his present position in 1904 and now makes his headquarters at Marion.

On the 16th of September, 1906, Mr. Lewis was married to Miss Lucy A. Allen. She is the daughter of Elias Allen, of Williamson county. Mrs. Lewis is one of four children. A daughter, Evelyn, was born to Mr. and Mrs. Lewis, on the 17th of July, 1907.

The most striking thing about the life of this successful man is its prophecy for the future, having gone so far and so rapidly in so short a time, where will he finally find himself? The pinnacle will surely be a high one, for with a vaulting ambition, unquestionable efficiency and knowledge of his work, the power of concentration on the important thing and the personality that charms all who come in contact with him, further success is not to be doubted.