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J. B. Link, junior member of Link Bros., Ewing, was born in 1849 in Wilson County, Tenn. In 1869 he left home and followed his brother, F. J., to Illinois. After reaching Ewing he attended the high school and college of that place until 1878. During his school attendance he taught through vacations. After that he taught and farmed on his present farm, a mile southeast of Ewing, until in 1884 he bought W. A. Dunbar's share of the stock and thereby became a member of the firm known as Link Bros. On Christmas, 1886, he married Peoria, a daughter of Granville and Sophronia (Johnson) Hungate, of Benton. She was born in 1864 in Hamilton County, ILL Our subject has succeeded well and always given satisfaction as a teacher and disciplinarian, and his property he has accumulated by his industry although hindered by a lame leg. He is a Democrat politically, and first voted for S. J. Tilden.