Although still a young man, being somewhat under thirty years of age at this writing, Edward Maeys is forging ahead in the business world, and has already amply demonstrated that he possesses no slight ability in that sphere. As manager of the mercantile business which his father has conducted at intermittent periods since 1858, he has given evidence of a splendid capacity with reference to managerial details and the manifold duties attendant upon a position such as he holds.

Edward Maeys was born in Maeystown, Illinois, on March 12, 1884. He is the son of Jacob and Christine (Driemeyer) Maeys. The father was born in Oggenheim, New Bavaria, Germany, on October 4, 1828, and came to America with his parents when a mere babe. The Maeys family located in Pennsylvania in 1832, where th.ey remained for about nine years, after which they removed to St. Louis. Their stay in that city was but short, and they moved into Illinois, where the elder Maeys became interested as a farmer. They secured a farm near the present site of Macystown, and in 1845 the father died, leaving his son Jacob the head of the home. He continued with the farming for some years, when he ventured into the saw-mill industry and built a saw milL The little mill which he erected and operated was the means of establishing the town named Maeystown, out of deference to the man whose industry and enterprise had brought about its existence.

In 1856 Jacob Maeys married Barbara Fisher. She died on January 9, 1880, leaving him three children, and on August 11, 1881, he contracted a second marriage, when Christine Driemeyer became his wife. Two children, Edward and Charles, were born of this latter union. Shortly after his first marriage Mr. Macys opened a general store in the little town which represented the center of his industrial activities, and soon thereafter he gave up the saw-mill business, devoting himself to the store, which he continued to conduct until 1893, when he sold out to his brother William. After ten years he bought back the business, and he is still the virtual head of affairs, although much of the cares of administration rest with his son Edward, who is the acting manager of the business.

Mr. Maeys has been prominent in this section of the state for many years. He is a Democrat in his political convictions, and has served his town and county in various official capacities since his early life. At one time he was county commissioner, and as a school director has done especially good work for his town. Mr. and Mrs. Maeys are members of the Evangelical church, and are active in its various departments. Mr.


Maeys is a director of the Waterloo State Bank, and was postmaster of Maeystown from 1860 to 1893.

Edward Maeys, now the manager of his father's extensive business interests, passed his early years as an attendant at the Maeystown public schools. Following his graduation therefrom he entered the Bryant & Stratton Commercial College of St. Louis, where he took a full and complete course of instruction. Returning to his home on the completion of his college course, he became engaged as a grain buyer for the Nanson Commission Company, and he served for four years in that capacity. Following the termination of his connection with that company he was agent at Maeys Station for the St. Louis & I. M. Railroad for some little time, but on October 1, 1907, he entered his father's store as manager of the establishment, and in that position he has done most efficient work, relieving his aged father of the cares of the business, with which he was actively connected for so many years.

Like his father, Mr. Maeys is a loyal Democrat, and he shares in the family faith as well, being a member of the Evangelical church. He has been secretary of the Farmers' Telephone Company, of which organization the Maeys Company is a stockholder. Mr. Maeys is as yet unmarried.

Charles Mayes, the brother of Edward, was born on January 12, 1886, at Maeystown, Illinois, and, like his brother, attended the Macystown public schools in his boyhood. He later entered Walters Commercial College of St. Louis Missouri, from which he was graduated in 1903, thereafter entering his father's store as a clerk at Maeystown. He is now the manager of his father's store at Maeys station, and is giving evidence of possession of the family traits of good business ability which have characterized the activities of his father and his brother Edward. He is a Democrat and a member of'the Evangelical church, in common with other members of the family.

On December 23, 1908, Mr. Maeys was married to Miss Leona Struebig, of Waterloo, Illinois.

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