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JAMES T. MARLOW, M. D., has passed more than twenty-five years of his life in the practice of medicine at Tamaroa, and for almost a quarter of a century has been engaged in the drug business in that place in connection with his profession. There is perhaps not a man in Tamaroa who is more widely acquainted with the people of that community than is Dr. Marlow, nor one who has been more humanely active in all good works for the advancement of the well being of the public.

James T. Marlow was an active factor in the life of the farm until after he had reached his majority. His schooling came to him chiefly through the Pinckneyville schools and from a select school kept by the county superintendent of schools there. He chose his vocation early in life, and in 1884 he entered the Missouri Medical College at St. Louis, finishing his course in 1886 and graduating from that institution with the degree of M. D. In July of the year in which he finished he established himself in Tamaroa, which since that day he has called home. He opened a drug store, and has been since that time both merchant and physician, and equally successful in either capacity. Dr. Marlow holds membership in all the various County, State and American Medical Societies, and has served his local society as its vice-president. Politically

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he is of the Democratic faith, and is enthusiastic in his adherence to the party, although well content to let others fill the offices. He is prominent in local Masonic circles, being a Master Mason. Dr. Marlow, in addition to his personal business affairs, has found time to become identified with one of the big organizations of his section, being one of the prime movers in the building of the Tri-County Telephone Company's system, embracing Perry, Franklin and Jefferson counties, a mutual company which has since been absorbed by consolidation with companies.

On September 15, 1887, Dr. Marlow was married in Perry county to Mary Ellen Eaton, a daughter of Enoch Eaton, Dr. and Mrs. Marlow have two children. They are Edith, the wife of Sheriff Samuel T. Duncan, of Tamaroa, and Robert E., a student of the St. Louis Medical College.

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