has practiced medicine in Evansville, Illinois, for the past quarter of a century, and enjoys the distinction of being regarded as one of the ablest physicians in his section of the country. He has a widespread reputation for ability, and in the space of his residence in Evansville has won to himself many warm friends and a professional following which is coincident with his recognized ability.

Born near Evansville, Illinois, on a farm, February 7, 1865, Dr. Frantz J. Meyer is the son of Joseph Meyer, now a retired farmer and business man of Evansville, The latter was the first representative of the Meyer family to leave the Fatherland and settle upon American soil, and he came to this country shortly after his marriage with Josephine Witterbrink, a daughter of Max Witterbrink, also a native of Germany. Joseph Meyer was then a very young man, and he settled in the farming country near Evansville and lived the active life of a farmer until after the Civil war. He has been especially successful in all his business ventures, and has been able to amass a comfortable fortune in real estate and other property. For many years he was a leading hotel keeper of Evansville, and as such possessed a wide acquaintance throughout the state, in spite of which, however, he always retained the characteristics of a faithful citizen, unambitious for office of political preferment. The issue of his marriage with Josephine Witterbrink were as follows: Mary, now the widow of Joseph Roos, of Evansville; Dr. Frantz J.; Maggie, married to Henry Feitsan; Rose, the wife of Joseph Schenck; and Josephine, who married George Popp, and the latter named daughter resides near Buffalo, New York. Some years after the death of the wife and mother Joseph Meyer re-married, his second choice being Margaret Braun. Of their issue are Antoine, residing in Buffalo, New York; Abin, of Evansville; John Adam, of Cairo; Albert, a resident of Evansville; and the youngest child, Annie, also of Evansville.

The preliminary educational training of Dr. Meyer was accorded him through the medium of the public schools of Evansville, and he later completed a course of instruction in the Christian Brothers College, St. Louis, Missouri. Early in his youth he had formed the intent to pursue a medical course, and his every preparation for that study was most thorough. Following his graduation from Christian Brothers College he entered the Missouri Medical College of St. Louis and was graduated therefrom in 1887. He has since supplemented his college training by careful reading and a post graduate course in Chicago, being at all times a careful student and keeping fully abreast of the times in all the scientific questions pertaining to his profession.

Dr. Meyer is professionally identified with the Randolph County Medical Society, the Southern Illinois Society and the lllinois State Association, holding membership in all three organizations. He has served as a director of the Evansville school board in behalf of his city, and in every movement for the betterment of his community he has ever been a willing and helpful citizen. He is a Republican in his political faith, and has been on several occasions a delegate to the state conventions of his party. Dr. Meyer is one of the promoters and organizers of the Evansville Telephone Company, and is also the treasurer of that company.

On October 30, 1888, Dr. Meyer was married to Frances Pautler, daughter of Joseph Pautler. She died in 1891, being the mother of Agatha, wife of Anton Wittenbrink. In 1893 Dr. Meyer contracted a


second marriage, taking for his bride Miss Matilda Shifferdecker, of Redbud. The children born of that union are Herbert, now a student in the Barnes Business College, Centralia, Illinois, Oliver, Loyola and Walter.

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