Formerly Bullman
And my cousin ULYSSES

Generation 10
Sarah Minor #603, daughter of Captain John #1206 and Elizabeth (Booth) #1207 Minor, born 19 November 1678 Woodbury, Ct., married 2 November 1699 to Stephen Curtis #602, son of Israel #1204 and Rebecca (Beardsley) #1205 Curtis, born 24 August 1673 Stratford, Ct., died 1/11 June 1723 aged 50 at Woodbury, Litchfield Co., Ct.
Joseph b. 20 Oct 1700
Daniel b. 12 Jan 1703
Sarah (twin) b. 28 July 1705 m. 11 Mar 1724/5 Richard Peet
Rebecca (twin) b. 28 July 1705, m. Elisha Stoddard, Esq.
Ruth #301 b. 14 Jan 1707, m. Samuel Galpin #300
Dea. Stephen b. 23 Feb 1710, d. 1781, m. 1st Lois Hicock, m. 2nd wid Huldah Hicock. No children.
Mary b. 15 Sept 1713, m. Caulkins and mov to Sharon Ct abt 1733, had 9 sons, lived Caulkinsville.
Israel b. 23 July 1716
Elizabeth b. 19 Sept 1718, d. aged abt 18 unm.
Grace b. 7 July 1720, m. Eldad King 3 Mar 1743

Generation 11
Capt. John Minor #1206, son of Thomas #2412 and Grace (Palmer) #2413 Minor, born 30 August 1634/5 Charlestown, Suffolk Co., Ma., died 17 September 1719 aged 85 at Woodbury, Ct. He married 19 October 1658 at Stratford, Ct. to Elizabeth Booth #1207, daughter of Richard #2414 and Elizabeth (Hawley) #2415 Booth, born 10 Sept 1641 Stratford, Ct., died 24 October 1732 aged 96/98 at Woodbury, Ct. Capt. John Minor settled first at Stratford where he was a town clerk for 10 years and a leading man in the affairs of the town for many years, till he removed to Woodbury, Ct. where he was among the first settlers and was also a town clerk for 30 years from it's beginning. He was also a member of the general court for 20 years. He was frequently appointed on committees for the composing of serious differences and the solving of difficult questions. Early in life he acquired a good knowledge of the Indian dialects and conversed in them with ease and fluency. He was an interpreter to the Indians, a justice of the quorum among the magistrates, a Captain in the militia, and a deacon in the church, and a surveyor. All the Indian deeds in this region were executed before him, from his being able to act as interpreter. 14 Sept. 1654 he was appointed by the general court: "Whereas, notwithstanding former provision made for the conveyance of the knowledge of God to the Natives amongst us, little hath hitherto beene attended through want of an able interpreter, this courte being earnestly desirous to promote and further what lyes in them a worke of that nature, wherein the glory of God and the everlasting welfare of those poore, lost, naked sonnes of Adam is so deeply concerned, doe order that Thomas Mynor of Pequott shall bee wrott unto from this courte and desired that hee would forthwith send his sonne John Mynor to Hartford, where this courte will provide for his maintenance and schooling, to the end hee may bee for the present assistant to such elder, elders or others as this courte shall appoint, to interprett the things of God to ym as hee shall bee directed and in the meane time fitt himselfe to bee instrumental that way as God shall fitt and incline him thereunto for the future." On the 23rd of Sept 1654 John Minor was brought before the Commissioners of the United Colonies and they enacted the motion to appoint John Minor interpreter to the Indians to carry on the worke of propagating ye Gospel to Ye Indians.
Will of John Minor: 17 August 1719, proved 14 November 1719; wife Elizabeth; sons John, Thomas, Joseph, Ephraim; son William Gaylore "in complement of my daughter"; daughters Elizabeth Walker, Grace Grant, Sarah Curtis, Abigail Treadwell, Johanna Gaylord. Inv. of Capt. John who died 16 Sept 1719.
John b. 9 Sept 1659 Stratford, d. 1731, m. Sarah Rose
Thomas b. 29 May 1662 Stratford, d. 1723, m. Hannah Curtis
Hannah b. 2 Aug 1664 Stratford
Elizabeth b. 16 Jan 1667 Stratford, d. 19 Dec 1749, m. Dea. Zechariah Walker
Grace b. 20 Sept 1670 Stratford, bp 28 Sept 1670, d. 16 Apr. 1753, m. 11 Apr 1688 Samuel Grant, Jr. of Windsor, Ct., b. 1659, d. 1701, his 2nd mg. Their son Noah b. 1692, m. Martha Huntington, and their son Noah b. 1718, d. 1756, a Capt. in the French and Indian War, m. Susannah Delano, their son Noah b. 1748, d. 1819, Captain in the American Revolutionary War, m. 2nd Rachel Kelly, their son Jesse Root b. 1794, the 1st Mayor of Georgetown, Oh., m. 1821 Hannah Simpson, and their son General Ulysses Simpson Grant, had his name changed from Hiram Ulysses to Ulysses Simpson by a U. S. congressman, b. 27 Apr 1822 Point Pleasant, Oh, d. 23 July 1885 Mt. McGregor, near Saratoga, N. Y., m. 1848 in St. Louis, Mo. to Julia Bray Dent, Captain in the Mexican War, cited for gallantry at Chapultepec. Col. in the Civil War in command of the 21st Illinois Volunteers, appointed by Lincoln in 1863 to be commander of the west and in March 1864 to be commander of all Union forces. On 9 Apr 1865 he accepted Robert E. Lee's surrender at Appomattox, and became the 18th President of the United States, serving two terms, from 1869-1877. Samuel Grant Jr. was the son of Samuel b. 1631 and Mary (Porter) Grant, son of Mathew Grant, b. 27 Oct 1601 England, d. 16 Dec 1681 Windsor, Ct., carpenter by trade, of Scotch parentage, immigrant on the "Mary and John" from Devonshire England to Dorchester, Ma. in 1630, admitted freeman 1631, removed to Windsor, Ct. 1635 where he was a town clerk and surveyor, deacon, selectman, m. 1st 16 Nov 1625 Priscilla Grey, b. 1602, d. 27 Apr 1644. He m. 2nd, 29 May 1645 Susanna (Capen) Rockwell, b. 5 Apr 1602, d. 14 Nov 1666, d. of Bernard Capen, and wid of William Rockwell.
Joseph b. 4 March 1672/3 Stratford
Ephraim b. 24 Oct 1675 Stratford
Sarah #603 b. 19 June 1678 Stratford, m. 2 Nov 1699 Stephen Curtis #602 Abigail b. 6 Feb 1680/1, m. 1st, 8 Feb 1699 John Treadwell, m. 2nd Samuel Miles
Joanna bp July 1683, d. 24 May 1741 New Milford, Ct., m. 12 Feb 1706/7 William Gaylord

Generation 12
Immigrant on the "Arbella" 1630
Thomas Minor #2412, son of Clement #4824 and Sarah (Pope) #4825 Minor, born 23 April 1608 at Chew Magna, Sumerset Co., England, died 23 October 1690 aged 83 at Stonington, Ct. He married 23 April 1634 Rehoboth, Ma. to Grace Palmer #2413, daughter of Walter #4826 and Rebecca #4827 Palmer, born 1612/14, died 1690 Ct. Immigrated from England with Governor Winthrop and family, settled first at Watertown, Ma., then at Charlestown, and finally with the younger Winthrop came to Ct. and settled at Saybrook in 1636. Admitted freeman in 4 March 1634. In 1643 he removed to New London, then Stonington, Ct. Capt. in King Phillips War. By 1834, nine of this family had been graduated from Yale. He served as a Sergeant of the New London Train Band, May 1649. Chief military officer of the Mystic Train Band, July 1665. Deputy New London Ct. Legislature Sept 1650, May 1651, Sept 1651, Deputy Stonington, May 1665, Oct 1665. Judge New London town May 1649, Judge Stonington town Oct 1664, May 1665.
Capt. John #1206 b. 1634, bp 30 Aug 1635, m. Grace Palmer #1207 and went 1st to Stratford, then to Woodbury, Ct.
Thomas d. y.
Clement b. 27 Apr 1640, freeman 1662, d. 1700, m. Frances (Burcham) Willey, wid of Isaac Willey and settled at New London. Ch: Mary, Joseph, Clement, William, Ann. He m. 2nd Martha, dau of William Wellman. Ch: Phebe. He m. 3 Joanna. Manassah b. 28 Apr 1647, d. 29 Apr 1728, of New London 1671, m. Lydia Moore , Ch: Hannah, Thomas
Ephraim b. 1642 Stonington, d. 16 May 1724 Stonington, dep. to general court, justice of peace, m. 20 June 1666 Hannah Avery, dau of James Avery. Ch: Elizabeth, Ephraim
Joseph remained in Stonington, freeman 1666, m. Mary
Judah went to Ma.
Samuel b. 1652, d. 1682, m. Mary Lord
Maria d. y.
Eunice d. y.
Ref: NEHGR 1859, v.13, pgs 161, 162, 163, 164

Generation 13
Clement Minor #4824, son of William #9648 and Isabella (Harcope) #9649 Minor, died 31 March 1640, buried Chew Magna, Somerset Co., England. He married Sarah Pope #4825, daughter of John Pope #9650. Clement inherited the homestead of his father William in Somerset, England.
Thomas #2412 m. Grace Palmer #2413
Ref: NEHGR 1859, v.13, pgs 161, 162, 163, 164

Generation 14 William Minor or Mynor #9648, son of William Minor #19296, born 23 April 1508, died 23 February 1585 Chew Magna, in England, married Isabella Harcope de Folibay #9649
Clement #4824 m. Sarah Pope #4825
Ref: NEHGR 1859, v.13, pgs 161, 162, 163, 164

Generation 15
William Minor #19296, called "Flower of Chevallrie", son of Thomas #38592 and Bridget (Hervie) #38593 Minor, died about 1485, fought under Henry VII.
Children: had 10 sons
William #9648, Flos Militia, the flower of chevallrie, m. Isabella Harcope de Frolibay # 9649
George md and lived in Shropshire
Thomas lived in Hereford
Nathanial md a Fitzmaurice neigh Catherlough
John md Joselina O'Bryan, dau of Teig O'Bryan of Innis
Ref: NEHGR 1859, v.13, pgs 161, 162, 163, 164

Generation 16
Thomas Minor #39392, born 1436, died 1480, son of Lodovick #77184 and Anna (Dyer) #77185 Minor, married Bridget Hervie #39393, the second daughter of Sir George Hervie [or Heroie] de St. Martins #77186 of Middlesex.
William #19696 md Isabella Harcope de Frolibay.
Ref: NEHGR 1859, v.13, pgs 161, 162, 163, 164

Generation 17
Lodovick Minor #77184, son of Thomas #154368 and ____ Gressleys #154369 Minor, married Anna Dyer #78785, daughter of Thomas Dyer #154370 of Staughton in the Com. Huntington.
Children: note the twins are 22 years younger than the son Thomas.
Thomas #39392 b. 1436 m. Bridget Hervie #39393, 2nd dau to Sir George Hervie
George twin served the house of Austria b. 22 yrs after Thomas
Arthure twin served the house of Austria, md Henretta De La Villa Odorsa.
Ref: NEHGR 1859, v.13, pgs 161, 162, 163, 164

Generation 18 Thomas Minor #157568, 1399, son of William #315136 and (Hobbs) #315137 Minor. He married Gressleys #157569, daughter of Cotton Gressleys or Gresslap #315138, in Stafford County.
Lodovick #78784 m. Anna Dyer #78785
Ref: NEHGR 1859, v.13, pgs 161, 162, 163, 164

Generation 19
William Minor #315136, son of Henry #630272 and Henrietta (Hicks) Minor, married a Hobbs #315137 of Wiltshire.
Thomas #157568 m. Gressleys #157569
Ref: NEHGR 1859, v.13, pgs 161, 162, 163, 164

Generation 20
Henry Minor #630272, son of Henry Minor #1260544, married Henrietta Hicks #630272, daughter of Edward Hicks #1260544 of Glocester.
William #315136 m. Hobbs #630272
Henry served Richard the second, anno 1384.
Ref: NEHGR 1859, v.13, pgs 161, 162, 163, 164

Generation 21
Henry Minor #1260544, died 1359. The first of those who bore the name of Minor or Miner, was Henry, who was a soldier under King Edward III in England. He lived at Mendippe Hills, in Somerset, England and died there in 1359. The name with armorial bearings was given to him by King Edward III in acknowledgement of his loyal service in providing an escort for the king on his way to embark for France. His name was said to have been Bullman, before it was changed, and his occupation that of a miner. King Edward, in giving his coat of arms, honored his occupation by the surname.
Henry #630272 m. Henrietta Hicks #630272
Ref: NEHGR 1859, v.13, pgs 161, 162, 163, 164


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