Immigrant Cpl. John Moss, son of John Moss, born 1604 in England, died 31 March 1707, aged 103, at Wallingford, New Haven Co., Ct. Married Abigail Charles, who had a brother John Charles. John Moss, immigrant from England to Connecticut, the ancestor of all who bear the name in these parts, was one of the earliest settlers of New Haven colony. He signed the original compact in New Haven in 1639. signed with the Planters Associates on 4 June 1639. He was a member of the first general court in 1639. He was a prominent man there, frequently representing the people in the General Court. He was chosen corporal 6 Aug 1642. As early as 1667, we find him in what is now Wallingford, perambulating the country in that region for the purpose of settling a village there. In 1670, at the age of 67 years, we find him exerting himself before the General Court at Hartford, to procure an act of incorporation, changing the name of the village to that of Wallingford, which was carried into effect the 12th day of May 1670. At this time he was a member of the General Court from New Haven. Afterwards he was frequently a member of said Court, as a representative from Wallingford. In May of 1678, he was elected commissioner and served many times. He was a very active member of the company, and a leader among the settlers, who were constantly filling up the place. He was at first located on a lot at the south end of the village, a short distance below the present residence of Constant Webb, and adjoining his friends, John Brockett and Samuel Brown, to whom was assigned the lot on which the Beach house now stands. Failing to settle on it within the time limited, his title was forfeited, and the committee to whom such matters were referred, gave it to John Moss, Jr., and the same remained in the possession of his heirs and descendants, until the death of the late Ebenezer Morse. Corporal John Moss served on the committee on fortifications 4 March 1676, and served at the lower garrison.
John bp 11 Jan 1639, died young
Samuel bp 4 April 1641
Abigail bp 10 April 1642, d. 5 Nov 1710, aged 68 m.2 Abraham Doolittle Joseph bp 6 Nov 1643, d. 1727, m. 1st Mary Alling, m. 2nd Sarah Peck
Ephraim bp 16 Nov 1645, died young
Mary bp 11 Apr 1647, d. 16 Nov 1725, m. John Peck
Mercy bp 1 April 1649, d. 1685, m. Elizabeth Curtis
JOHN m. Martha Lathrop
Elizabeth b. 3 Oct 1652 m. Nathaniel Hitchcock
Esther b. 2 Jan 1653, dl 19 June 1677, m. Nathaniel Royce
Isaac b. 27 Nov 1655, d. 1659

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