Thomas Munson, son of John and Elizabeth Munson, born February and baptized 13 September 1612 Rattlesden, Suffolk County, England, died 7 March 1685 aged 73 New Haven, Ct. He married Joanna ( ), died 13 December 1678 aged 68 at New Haven. He signed the original agreement of all the free planters of New Haven 4 June 1639. He removed to Hartford in 1641 but next year returned to New Haven. On 10 March 1646 the committee of the First Church seated Thomas Monson and five others in "No. 5 cross seats," and "Sister Munson" was seated in "second of seats on the side for women. On 5 October 1669, the Hon. James Bishop, Lt. Thomas Munson, and three others were appointed commissioners to meet five from Branford to establish boundaries between the two towns. In September, 1675, Lt. Munson commanded the New Haven troops ordered, by the council at Hartford, to Norwottock and up the river to defend the plantations against the Indians. He was a representative in the general court in 1666, 1669, 1670-1674. Captain Munson served under Captain Mason in the Pequot War. Served as sergeant of the Train Band in 1642. Sergeant of the New Haven Artillery Company in 1645. Ensign in the train band 1661-4. Lieut. in the train band 1664-76.
Commissioned Captain of New Haven County soldiers in 1676. Served under Major Treat in King Philip's War. Received 6 acres excess for his services in the Pequot War. Member of the Connecticut Council of War, 1673 (trouble with the Dutch). Served in King Philip's War in 1675. Deputy. Carpenter. Inventory, taken 25 March 1685, by Moses Manfield and John Winston. Agreement made 12 June 1685 by Samuel Munson, Richard Higinbothan, and Joseph Tuttle, on distribution of estate of "our father". Estate divided between the above mentioned, the grandson Thos. Munson, Elizabeth Higinbotham, and Hannah Tuttle.
Elizabeth m. 1st, 19 Oct 1664 Springfield to Timothy Cooper, m. 2nd Richard Higginbotham. 1 Ch: Rebecca
SAMUEL m. Martha Bradley
Hannah bp 11 June 1648 New Haven, d. 30 Nov 1695, m. 1st, 2 May 1667 Joseph Tuttle, s. of William and Elizabaeth Tuttle, m. 2nd, 21 Aug 1694 Nathan Bradley. Tuttle Ch: Joseph, Samuel, Stephen, Joanna, Timothy, Susanna, Elizabeth, Hannah d. y., Hannah.

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