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JOHN J. PARISH. Among the prominent members of the Harrisburg bar and leading and influential citizens of the town is John J. Parish,

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who for nearly thirty years has been associated in the practice of law with his honored and now venerable father, William H. Parish, of whom extended mention is made on another page of this volume.

John J. Parish was born at Raleigh, Saline county, Illinois, September 13, 1851, second in a family of eight sons. He was one of the first students at the State University, Champaign, Illinois; but on account of some financial reverses sustained by his father at the time he was unable to complete his course at the university. So at sixteen he returned home, and during the several years which followed his time was divided between teaching country school and working on his father's farm. He read law under his father's instructions, and in 1877 was admitted to the bar. In December, 1879, he came to Harrisburg, where he has since been engaged in the practice of law, for several years being associated with his brother, D. W. Parish. He was state's attorney from 1884 to 1888, and for the past twenty-eight years with his father, as already stated. He has excelled as a criminal lawyer. He tried thirteen murder cases in fourteen months, and he has been identified, on one side or the other, with many important criminal cases that have come up for trial here in the past thirty years.

While he has never been a campaigner or in any way active in politics, Mr. Parish has always affiliated with the Democratic party, and three times has cast his vote for William J. Bryan for president.

Mr. Parish has large real estate interests, owning both town and farm property. He has laid out four additions to Harrisburg, three of which bear his name. Also for years he has been interested in mining operations, having been identified with three coal companies, and still having royalties from coal lands.

Mr. Parish married, in 1880, Miss Anna F. Laud, daughter of Robert Laud, and they have four children, Bessie, Robert, Chaney and John J., Jr., all at home.

Fraternally Mr. Parish has long been identified with the Masonic order, in Which he has attained high degree. He is a Knight Templar and has received the thirty-second degree in the Scottish Rite; also has received the degrees of the Mystic Shrine. He maintains membership in the Oriental Consistory of Chicago, and in the Commandery at Metropolis.

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