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NICHOLAS B. PAUTLER. The physician who would succeed in his profession must possess many qualities of head and heart not included in the curriculum of the schools and colleges he may have attended. In analyzing the career of the successful practitioner of the healing art it will invariably be found to be true that a broad-minded sympathy with the sick and suffering and an honest, earnest desire to aid his afflicted fellow men have gone hand in hand with skill and able judgment. The gentleman to whom this brief tribute is given fortunately embodies these necessary qualifications in a marked degree and by energy and application to his professional duties is building up an enviable reputation and drawing to himself a large and remunerative patronage. N. B. Pautler is county physician of Monroe county and has resided in Waterloo since 1903.

He was born in Evansville, Randolph county, Illinois, June 19, 1872, the son of Joseph Pautler, a native of Canton, Alsace, the subject being thus of German extraction. The father came to this country as a young

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man on a prospecting tour for his father, his arrival on American shores being in 1846. He was so pleased with the new conditions that he never went back to remain permanently, marrying here and establishing a home. The maiden name of his wife was Mary Bayer. The elder gentleman passed on to the undiscovered country, "From whose bourne no traveler returns," in 1877.

Dr. Pautler spent his early life on his father's farm and through actual experience became familiar with the many secrets of seed-time and harvest. He received his preliminary education in the public schools and early became ambitious to adopt as his own the medical profession, for which he was naturally gifted. To obtain the necessary training he entered the Missouri Medical College and in 1893 took the degree of M. D. He first hung out his shingle in Evansville, where he remained for a decade and proved his ability in unmistakable fashion. At the end of that period he removed to Waterloo, where he has ever since remained, engaged actively in practice. He has received eloquent proof of his standing in the community by his election to the office of county physician, to whose duties he has given faithful and efficient service. It is his constant aim and ambition to advance with the science to which he has devoted himself and to this end he has taken two postgraduate courses, one in the Chicago Clinical School and one in the Chicago Eye, Ear, Nose and Throat College. He has other interests of importance aside from his profession, among these being his stock in the bank at Valmeyer.

Dr. Pautler was first married in 1893, Elizabeth Thummel, daughter of Stephen Thummel, of Evansville, becoming his wife. The death of this lady in 1903 left motherless four children, namely: Stephen, Sylvester, Raymond and Ermin. The subject was again married in 1905, to Mrs. Mamie Payne, nee Crowe, daughter of Matt and Bridget Crowe. To this union has been born one child, a son named Roy Nicholas. By her first marriage Mrs. Pautler has two children, namely: Jefferson and Orlon Payne, who make their home in the Pautler household.

Dr. Pautler is allied with the medical organizations having for their object the unification of the profession, such as the Monroe County Medical Association, the Illinois State Medical Association, the American Medical Association and the South Illinois Medical Association. He is a member of the Catholic church and has fraternal connection with the Knights of Columbus and the Western Catholic Union.

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