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C. D. Rea, farmer and stock dealer, was born in Browning Township in 1852, the third of five children of Abner and Mary (Overterf) Rea. The father, also a leading farmer and stock

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dealer, was born in 1820 in Warren County, Tenn., the fifth of nine children of Abner, Sr., and Alsie (Hopper) Rea, natives of Virginia, where they were married, and whence they afterward moved to Warren County. In 1833 they moved to Franklin County, and farmed until his death in 1846. He was an influential man of the early pioneers. The mother died about 1864. Both were devout members of the United Baptist Church. Abner, our subject's father, was educated in the rustic log schoolhouse, and March 12, 1840, married Mary Overterf, a native of Tennessee and of Dutch ancestry. Their children are Samantha L. (wife of O. Mallory), Franklin A., Camden, W. A. and Enoch. He lived in Browning Township until 1867, when he removed to his present farm. He at one time was one of the most extensive land owners of the county, possessing nearly 1,500 acres, but gifts to his children have reduced it to 400 acres. All his wealth has been gained from a beginning of nothing through his ability and energy as a financier in farming and trading. His home is about a mile northwest of Benton. He was formerly a Democrat, first voting for Polk. Our subject, his son, was reared at home, and given a common-school education. He was married, March 8, 1870, to Missouri A., daughter af William C. and Mary A. Lewis, a native of Franklin County, as was also Mrs. Rea. Three of their five children are living: Hosea W. A., Robertie G. and Spruel C. D. Our subject removed from Browning Township to his present estate of 200 finely cultivated acres, eight miles west of Benton, in 1884. Although a young man, our subject is a live, and fast becoming a leading business man. He is a Republican, first voting for Hayes. Mrs. Rea is a member of the Missionary Baptist Church.