Every profession has its prominent men, some made such by long membership, others by their proficiency in their calling. Dr. O. F. Reinhardt, of Aviston, Illinois, is made conspicuous among the citizens of Clinton county not so much by the length of time he has devoted to the calling for he is as yet a young man as by the eminent success he has already made of it.

O. F. Reinhardt was reared to manhood in the city of New Baden, Illinois, whence his family had come from St. Louis, Missouri, when he was about five years of age, and his early education was secured in the public schools of New Baden and the high school at Trenton, from which latter institution he was graduated with the class of 1902. From Trenton he went to the Normal College at Valparaiso, Indiana, where he took a special course in the classics, after which he entered the medical department of Washington University, St. Louis, Missouri, completing bis medical course in 1908 in the Chicago College of Medicine and Surgery, from which he received the degree of Doctor of Medicine. Immediately after graduation Dr. Reinhardt came to Aviston, where he has been in a continual and successful practice. He is one of those men who may be said to have chosen well. He is possessed of a kindly, sympathetic nature, a keen sense of discrimination and fine qualities of mind and heart, and, having a natural taste for the branches of the medical profession, he has made a signal success. As befits the young medical practitioner of today, Dr. Reinhart is a close student, and the success he has attained has been due to close application, ready acceptance of the new methods and discoveries of his profession as set forth in the leading medical periodicals of the day, of which he is a subscriber, and membership in the leading medical associations, including the American and Clinton County Medical Societies. In political matters the Doctor has given his allegiance to the Republican party, but outside of taking a good citizen's interest in public matters he has not found time to engage in political affairs, although he has always had the welfare of his adopted city at heart. His standing in his profession is high, and he has attained great popularity among the people of Aviston.


In 1908 Dr. Reinhardt was united in marriage with Miss Gertrude Gaffner, the estimable daughter of Dr. Gaffner, a well-known physician and surgeon of Clinton county, who practices in Trenton, and two children have been born to this union, Charles and Ralph.

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