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JUDGE K. C. RONALDS. Long and varied experience in legal jurisprudence is not sufficient to fit a man for the high office of Judge of the County Court, for he must also be possessed of sound judgment, an analytical turn of mind and a keen insight into human nature. Such qualities, combined with a high sense of honor and a thorough grounding in the various cases which form precedence for all judges, must ultimately work out to a dignified success. The Hon. K. C. Ronalds, judge of the County Court of Saline county, Illinois, is one of the eminent members of the Southern Illinois legal profession. He was born in Grayville, White county, Illinois, June 6, 1878, and there received his education in the common schools. He graduated from the high school in 1899, studied law in a law office, and was admitted to the bar in 1900, and in the following year located in Eldorado. He served as city attorney of Grayville for one term and in a like capacity in Eldorado for a term, and was then elected and served as a member of the Forty-fourth General Assembly from the fifty-first district. In 1911 he was elected county jtdge of Saline county, and he has since held that office with ability and dignity.

In 1901 Judge Ronalds was united in marriage with Miss Blanche Westbrook, and three children have been born to this union, namely: Marjory, who is five years old; Lucille, seven years of age; and Nairive W., who has reached thc age of ten. Judge Ronalds is engaged in a private practice under the firm name of Ronalds & Grable, and they represent a number of the leading fire and life insurance companies.

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