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Dr. Elijah M. Rotramel, physician and surgeon, was born in Frankfort, Franklin County, in 1843, the son of Henry and Eliza J. (Maddox) Rotramel. The father, born in North Carolina, in 1808, of German stock, came to Wilson County, Tenn., in his youth, and in 1831, left home to be married. In 1832, he came to Franklin County, Ill.; the same year enlisted in the Black Hawk war service; was in the action at Kellogg's Grove, and after 100 days service, settled in Frankfort, where he owned 200 acres and combined teaming with his farming. He died in January, 1867. The mother, born in 1812, in Wilson County, Tenn., was the daughter of Elijah Maddox, a traveling Baptist minister and missionary worker, who, about 1837, in company with H. Borum, came to Frankfort, and organized the first Baptist Church in southern Illinois. The mother died in 1865. Three of seven children are living: Eliza O. (widow of Owen Evans), our subject and Dr. Richard H. The father's second wife is Mrs. Julia A. Harper, nee Martin. Their child is Henrietta, wife of Wilber Mount. Our subject was educated in Ewing College, and worked on the farm with his father until the latter's death. When twenty-two he began teaching, and for twenty-two months was so employed in Franklin and Williamson Counties, during which time he began medical study. In 1869-70 he studied under Dr. T. M. Sams, of Tamaroa, Perry County. In 1870 he began practice; in 1871 located on Moore's Prairie, Jefferson County, and in 1876 located in Frankfort, now the oldest practicing physician in the place, with an extensive practice. In December, 1876, he married Belle, daughter of William and Caroline Kimmell, born in Union County, in 1853. Their children are Decosta E., Homer A., Hattie O. and Nellie A. In 1881 he was appointed county superintendent of schools, and served one year. He is a Republican, first voting for Lincoln.

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His faith is that of the Christian Church, and that of his wife, Baptist.