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ERNST FRED SCHULMEISTER. The demand for wholesome food supplies is constantly increasing, while recent national and state pure food laws have resulted in the placing upon the market a class of goods of a vastly better quality than have ever before been given to the public. For these and other equally cogent reasons the business of catering to this demand and giving out only first-class goods is proving one of the most profitable and satisfactory in the various lines of commercial endeavor, and Monroe county has its full quota of responsible bakers. Among those who rank with the leaders in their class is Ernst Fred Schulmeister, whose well-appointed establishment is a reflection of all that is latest and best in all bakery goods tastefully displayed with all due regard to sanitation. Combined with his excellent stock is a fair method of dealing, as well as good service, and consequently his volume of business shows a healthy and rapid increase. Mr. Schulmeister was born October 19, 1879, at Wildbad, (Black Forest), Wurtemburg, Germany and is a son of Fred Schulmeister, who came to America in 1900, and is now living at St. Louis. Mr. Schulmeister's mother bore the maiden name of Caroline Weber, and beside himself there were four other children, Anna, Otto, Bertha and Dora.

Ernst F. Schulmeister received educational advantages of an excellent nature in his native country, and after completing the prescribed course in the common schools took instruction in French. In 1893 he came to America and worked with his brother and other bakers in St. Louis until 1904, at which time he established himself in business at Waterloo. With characteristic German industry Mr. Schulmeister has endeavored to make his store the leader of its kind in this section, and each year has found him adding to its equipment and attractions. His success is only the well-merited reward that is granted to those whose aim has always been to please his patrons, but he has not gained his present position without effort. Sickness, discouragement and general

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misfortune have been met and overcome, and it has only been the sturdy, persistent industry of his race that has enabled him to win a place for himself among the substantial merchants of his adopted community. On October 29, 1904, Mr. Schulmeister was married to Miss Clara Funk, who was born in his native place, daughter of Robert and Marie (Traub) Funk. Two children have been born of this union, Clara and Fred R. Mr. and Mrs. Schulmeister are members of the German Evangelical church, and are active in religious work. Although Mr. Schulmeister's business activities have demanded the greater part of his attention, he has found leisure to take an interest in fraternal work, and is a valued member of the Masons and Odd Fellows. When he has found time to indulge a hobby he has given it to music, and the German Maennerchor has no more popular member here. His private interests, however, have always been subservient to the public welfare, and as a member of the Commercial Club of Waterloo Mr. Schulmeister has always been found in the ranks of those who strive to advance the city's prominence.

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