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HORACE R. SIMs, clerk of Perry county, is a resident of Tamaroa, having been identified with the varied interests of that city for the past decade. He was born at Crockett Mills, April 17, 1880, and is the son of the late Dr. James R. Sims, of DuQuoin, Illinois, whose identity with the medical profession in that city covered a period of fourteen years, and whose prominence in political and educational circles is well remembered in these parts.

James R. Sims was born in Crockett county, Tennessee, in 1847, where he acquired a liberal education and was well known as a teacher in the public schools of his native county for a number of years. His professional training was received in a medical college in Memphis, Tennessee, and when he came to Illinois he was in the full flush of his professional activities and prominence. Dr. Sims manifested an unusual interest in public school affairs, and was for a number of years a member of the DuQuoin school board, and occupying the place of president of the board at the time of his death. His political work was in some respects a counterpart of his educational services, as he was for several years a member of the Democratic County Central Committee, and was its chairman when he passed away. Dr. Sims married Miss Asenith Avery, and of their union eight children were born: Henry, who died in infancy; Edgar E., of Murphysboro, Illinois; Horace R., whose name introduces this review; William A.; James, Nina and Ida of Tamaroa, and Julia, the wife of Carl Federe, of Lawrenceville, Illinois.

Horace R. Sims completed his common school training when he was eighteen years of age and his first work was in the capacity of a merchant's clerk in DuQuoin. His principal employer in that city was Thomas Horn, whose interests, together with those of the Horn family, furnished a large market for DuQuoin labor. Subsequently Mr. Sims went to Tamaroa, there serving Haines Brothers for several years, and he was still in their employ when he was elected to the official position which he now holds. In 1910 Mr. Sims was nominated by the Democrats of Tarnaroa for the office of county clerk, and he defeated his Republican opponent in the race by a majority of three hundred and ninety-five votes, leading his ticket by a considerable number of votes. He assumed the duties of the office in that same year as the successor

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of J. G. Taffee. He has thus far performed the duties of his office with accuracy and precision, giving to the county a service unexcelled by the incumbents of previous years. Mr. Sims is inclined to prominence in local fraternal circles, among the societies of which he is a member being the Masonic order, in which he is a Master Mason, and the Modern Woodmen of America.

On November 23, 1902, Mr. Sims married in Tamaroa Miss Birdie Haines, a daughter of Samuel Haines, president of the First National Bank of Tamaroa and one of the old merchants of the county, recoguized as one of the ablest business men of his section. Mr. and Mrs. Sims are the parents of two children, Russel Haines and Florence Marie.

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