One of the many thriving concerns in the milling and elevator business of Illinois is the Southern Illinois Milling .& Elevator Company. The firm was incorporated under the laws of the state on July 29, 1891, with a capital stock of $50,000. Its president is Philip H. Eisenmayer, and Willard Wall is its secretary and treasurer.

They have two elevators, erected at a cost of $125,000, one of which has a capacity of 25,000 bushels and the other a capacity of 100,000 bushels. Their milling capacity is six hundred barrels per day, and their product finds a ready market in the home and adjacent territories. About twenty-five men are employed in the operations of the mill and elevators, in addition to a force of from six to eight men regularly employed in the cooperage department.

Since its organization, the firm has flourished steadily, and the Southern Illinois Milling & Elevator Company is recognized today as one of the substantial industries of Murphysboro.

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