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Prof. R. D. Swain, A. M., of the chair of Latin and English literature, Ewing College, was born in 1852 near the site of Christopher, Ill., the oldest of seven children of Evan and

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Harriett (Harrison) Swain, the former of Scotch-Irish stock, born about 1830 in Jackson County, and the latter of English origin, born in 1834 in Franklin County, where they were married and are still living. He graduated from Ewing College in the class of 1880. At twenty-two he married Nancy, daughter of Alfred and Emaline (Herrin) Bramlet, at Eldorado, IlL, and has since lived at Ewing. During this time there was one year in which he taught in Smith Academy, Washington University, St. Louis. For four years after nineteen he taught in the public schools, with the proceeds of which he began his collegiate course, during which he also taught classes. Immediately after graduation he was elected to the chair of mathematics in his alma mater, and continued so two years. At the close of his year in St. Louis he was called to his present chair. His wife was born in 1855 near Eldorado, and their children are Arthur, Cecil, Ray, Mabel and Hattie. His residence is at Ewing, and his success as an instructor in the languages and belles-lettres is deservedly recognized. He is a Democrat, and first voted for Tilden. He is Worshipful Master of Ewing Lodge, F. & A. M. Our subject and his wife are members of the Missionary Baptist Church.