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Richard Thompson, dealer in general merchandise, farmer and miller at Thompsonville, was born in 1828 in Mecklenburg County, Va., July 4, the son of Edward and Frances (Bucker) Thompson. The father was born in Mecklenburg County in 1792, and for many years was the overseer on a large plantation. About 1830 he moved to Wilson County, Tenn, and in a few years settled in Smith County. He came to Franklin County during the war, and died at our subject's house August 25, 1867. His wife was a native of Virginia, born in 1795, and died two days before her husband's death. Richard grew up on the farm in Tennessee from his second year, and when of age purchased some Smith County land, and farmed for himself. For several years before the war he made trips to Raleigh, Ill., each season to speculate in tobacco, and about 1862 bought 300 acres in Cave Township, Franklin County. His parents, who were now quite old and alone, he took to live with him, until they died. He at once established a country store, bought farmers' produce, and in return gave them money and goods, and now for twenty-five years he has been in that business, esteemed and honored, and a friend of the needy. He is an able financier and a man of ability. He deals extensively in tobacco, and has a large landed

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estate. Thompsonville was named in his honor, and he has been the sinews of the place, instrumental in getting the railroad put through, by giving several thousand dollars for its encouragement. In 1866 he married Jaley Waller, a daughter of Mattison Waller. Parilee, Dollie and Eagle are their children. He is a Democrat.