After a number of years devoted to the professions of teaching and medicine Dr. Cicero L. Washburn, of Marion, is now devoting himself to the affairs of his farm, and is living a quiet, unpretentious life. He gained a widespread reputation both as a physician and educator, and is now proving himself just as efficient in the agricultural field, his farm being one of the most productive of his section. Dr. Washburn was born near Carthage, Smith county, Tennessee, August 10, 1852, and he is a son of the late Hon. James M. Washburn.

Dr. Washburn was five years of age when his father came to Illinois, and was reared in Marion and near Carterville, where his parents spent many years of their vigorous lives. After the common schools he attended Ewing College, where he graduated in 1874, and entered the profession of teaching, following it a few years at DeSoto, Illinois, and in Fredonia, Kentucky. Finding the indoor work telling upon his health, he decided to study medicine, and read under the direction of Dr. S. H: Bundy, who had been once a member of the faculty of Vanderbilt University, Nashville, Tennessee, and widely known as a scholar and Baptist minister. When ready for college he enrolled in the old Missouri Medical College at St. Louis, now a part of Washington University of that city, and graduated therefrom in 1882. In choosing a location the Doctor selected Hampton, Kentucky, where he spent twelve years, and the two years that followed he was located at Rich Hill, Missouri. At this time he gave up the profession and came to Marion, desiring to be near his father, who was then approaching the evening of life, and since then his activities have been directed to the affairs of the farm.

Dr. Washburn was first married at Metropolis, Illinois, in October, 1896, his wife being Miss Katie Markey, who died in 1898, without living issue. On June 1, 1899, the Doctor married Mrs. Laura Champion, the daughter of Rev, M. H. Utley, a Baptist minister. The children of Mrs. Washburn by her first marriage are three, as follows: Pauline, who is the wife of George H. Dietrich, of Marion, a traveling salesman; Claude Champion, who is the proprietor of a butcher establishment in Marion; and Robert G. Champion of Hopkinsville, Kentucky, a salesman for the Banke-Wennecke Candy Company.

Dr. Washburn is fraternally connected with the Elks and his


religious belief is that of the Baptist church. He is not concerned with politics, other than taking a citizen's interest in good government, but casts his vote with the Democratic party. Dr. Washburn has always been identified with movements of a religious, educational or charitable nature, is considered one of the good, reliable citizens of his community, and has a host of warm, personal friends in this locality.

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