School Pictures
from Terri Wilburn

Logan School, 6th Grade, 1939
Mrs. Margie B. Lilly, teacher
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The 1939 6th grade picture is in front of Logan school. My father, BOBBIE DEAN WILBURN, is the second boy from the left on the back row (next to the tall boy). He doesn't remember any of the other kids in the class but the teacher's name was Mrs. LILLEY/LILLY.

Logan School, Basketball Team, 1938
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The basketball photo was taken when my father was in the fifth grade (1938). He is the handsome guy holding the ball. Looking at the picture FRED LAMLEY is on Dad's right. Fred was killed in WWII. Looking at the photo, RAY GILES, is on my dad's right. Looking at the photo, the boy second from the left, back row, is EUGENE MORGAN. The boy second from the right, back row, is FRED LANE. These boys lived in the same neighborhood about three blocks from Logan School. Dad remembers the uniforms were red.

Central Jr. High School, 1940/41

The Central School photo may have been 7th or 8th grade. He [Dad] doesn't remember any of the students in the photo. Looking at the photo my dad is the 4th student back in the first row. He has on a striped shirt.

Even with the sketchy info regarding student names, I hope you will enjoy the look back. Feel free to add the photos to the web page. All photos are copyrighted by Terri Lynn Wilburn.

Thank you Terri for sharing.