Baptist Church
Sunday School Class
Christopher, Franklin County, Illinois

List of Members of Christopher Baptist Church
Names How and When Received How and When Dismissed Kasa Burkitt Letter Letter May 18, 1912 G. L. Buckner Feb1902 Elva Buckner Babtism Death Buckner, Sylvia Nov 18, 1906 " " " " G. N. Brayfield Babtism Alice Bacon Letter Dec 16, 1906 (unreadable) Feb 1913 James Bacon " " " " Died Jan 1919 Emma Buckner Letter Letter Fred Bacon b Nov 17, 1907 Chas. Buck bNov 17, 1907 Letter Annie Burk " " " " Letter Nonia? Browning L Dec 1988 Excluded 19?? Lee Browning B Feb 1910 Pearl Best B 1910 D(eath?) Harry Been B May 1911 Letter 1913 Leni Been B May 1911 Letter 1913 Ira Been BOct 22, 1911 " 1913 Nora Been " " " " " 1913 Berrie Buckner L Dec 10 1911 Letter May 18 1912 Roy Buckner B Oct 1912 Letter Feb 1914 Frances Buckles B Mch 1913 J. J. Brown L Apr 1913 L. Mch. 1916 (Name not readable) L Oct 1913 (The name appears to be Mrs. Blackwell) Harry Boyd L July 4 1918 Dead Maude Boyd B Aug 7 1915 Alfred Burrnett B Aug 8, 1915 Essie Baylor L. Aug 1919

In the picture of the Christopher Baptist Church Sunday School Class, Sylvia L. Buckner, daughter of John Logan Buckner, is in the second row from the rear, second from the right. She was a talented pianist and not only played the piano for the services, but also gave piano lessons to others when she was just a teen.

Elvia L. Buckner and Nancy Emmaline (Nina) Buckner, younger sisters of Sylvia are possibly also in this picture, but I cannot identify them.

I know none of the other names. They may be among the members listed above.

John Logan Buckner, b August 08, 1868 d August 16, 1930 send this picture to his daughter, Sylvia, after she had moved away from home. Thus, the photo was taken sometime after 1910.

Nancy Emmaline (Nina) Buckner b Oct 1896 and her brother Roy Buckner b Oct 1898 were the last born children of Tabitha Hammons Buckner, wife of John Logan Buckner. Tabitha died December 17, 1898.

More about the Buckner family and pictures here.

Pictures and information shared by Shirley Murray

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