Meyers School, 1910 - 1911, Benton, IL
Nellie Lager as teacher.
She is the third one in the last row.
No others are named.

Meyers School 1913 - 1914, Benton, IL
Ella Summers as Teacher.
Front Row: Mildred Smith, Leota Britton, Herbert Pyle, Raymond Pyle, Unknown, Milton Fix
Middle Row: Gladys Easley, Ruth Easley, Elijah McAdoo, Unknown, Unknown, Jennie Maud Jones
Back Row: Unknown, Pearl McAdoo, Mervin Easley, Miss Ella Summers, Leslie Fix, Emma McAdoo

Meyers School, 1917 Benton IL
My Grandma, Leota Britton, is the last girl standing in the second row.
No names of other students.

From Susan Kern Quindry