Walltown School c1931

D. D. Perryman, teacher

Some of the students are:

Front row:

Second from the left is Andrew "Doc" Joplin, fifth from the left is Bill Joplin, next to last one is Tom Joplin.

Second Row:

Seventh from the left is Helen Koczorowski, next to last is Mary Ann Joplin.

Walltown School c1935

Teacher: Miss Ruth Harris

First Row:

Weldo Williams front. Arthur Marks behind Bob Smith. Kenny Williams front. Everett Hoebbel behind Kenny Williams. Corky Melvin. Bill Melvin. Jimmy Martin behind Bobby Melvin. Bobby Gene Melvin, Harold Joe Melvin, Cecil Glen Melvin, Jack Allmon, Leo Joplin.

Second Row:
Lavern Rich, Estaletta Maddox, Betty Martin, Kenny Ray Melvin, Mary Ann Joplin, Beulah Jo Allman, Phyllis Rich, Lola Faye Melvin, Fern Melvin, Wava Wall, Vivian Arms, Lodene Williams, Barbara Melvin, Edna Alice Marks.

Third Row:
Miss Ruth Harris, teacher. Bill Jack Joplin, Tom Joplin, Vivian Gray? or Arms?, Dorothy Arms, Netha Melvin

Walltown school was located about 5 miles east of West Frankfort on state highway 149. The old school burned and a brick school was built.

Pictures shared by: Tom Joplin